Measuring Web Performance

Some time ago we announced that Allegro passes Core Web Vitals assessment and thanks to that we were awarded in “Core Web Vitals Hall of Fame”. It means that Allegro is in the group of the 27% fastest websites in Polish Internet.

My first days at Allegro

The beginnings in a new job can be really tough, especially in such uncertain times as the pandemic. Remote onboarding, Zoom meetings, inability to talk face-to-face — it’s a big test, especially if you’re switching industries. My story is quite similar: in July 2020 I started a three-month internship at Allegro to train for product management. When the internship ended, I was offered to stay permanently as Junior Product Manager. I’d like to describe my beginnings at Allegro. But first — a few words about me.

Kotlin - a language for everyone and for everything. Even scripts.

According to Wikipedia there are approximately 700 computer languages available. Seven hundred. This is an unbelievable number and it’s the reason why programmers face the problem of choosing a programming language to work with, which frameworks to use and which tech stack to learn. All of them have pros and cons, but when looking for an all-purpose language you should take Kotlin into consideration and ask yourself the question: “Do I really need another programming language?”.

Digging into Allegro, or how I started my testing career

Maybe it’s another “How I’ve changed my worklife” story, but I hope it is an interesting one. It seems quite important to tell: before the beginning of my Allegro adventure, I was working as… an archaeologist. It was both physical work on excavations and research work at my PhD studies. And the only thing that connects my past work and the current one is: attention to detail.

Finite-state machines made easy

Coordinating complex processes, both business and technical, can be a challenging issue in a distributed system. Especially when the complications associated with them, such as concurrency, idempotency, scalability and hindered testability, come into play — possibly all at once. This is definitely something that can keep many programmers awake at night.

At Allegro, we build and maintain some of the most distributed and scalable applications in Central Europe. This poses many challenges, starting with architecture and design, through the choice of technologies, code quality and performance tuning, and ending with deployment and devops. In this blog, our engineers share their experiences and write about some of the interesting things taking place at the company.