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26 Sep 2022

Example of modularization in Allegro Pay Android application

Currently, in the Android world, the topic of modularization is very popular. Many bloggers describe their experiences with it and analyze what Google recommends. Our team started the modularization process before it was hot. I will describe our reasons, decisions, problems and give you some advice. We will see if modularization makes sense and what it brings to the table. I will also post some statistics showing what it looked like before and after the modularization process.

02 Mar 2015

Acceptance testing with JBehave and Gradle

Typically, applications we develop gain more and more features in each sprint. After a certain time it’s hard to say how a particular functionality should work. No one remembers all the corner cases without looking into the source code. So we write high level acceptance tests that describe expected behavior. Using some example scenarios that the end user could trigger, tests check that the outcome is correct. After the user story is implemented, the test joins a regression suite that will protect the application from bugs introduced in future stories.

24 Sep 2014

Allegro OpenSource: axion-release-plugin

In the good old days of Maven releasing projects was straightforward. Everyone knew and used maven-release-plugin, a plugin that behind simple facade did huge amounts of work. In Gradle times things started to get complicated. In exchange for greater flexibility we gave up good old, maybe a bit rusty tools that were part of our developer kits for years. Now we try to find new ones. Most of teams in Allegro have decided to migrate their projects from Maven to Gradle and we, too, are searching for perfect tools to do our job (and builds).