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16 Sep 2015

Scrum-ban applied

This is a story about a Team working in Scrum that wanted to turn to Kanban and ended up, deliberately, working in something resembling Scrum-ban. Scrum-ban basics can be found in Wikipedia. We did not follow all of them.

09 Mar 2015

Playing with fire — a Scrum experiment

The aim of this blog post is to summarise an experiment that took place between two scrum teams at the end of 2014 and to share our lessons learned. Have you ever worked in close cooperation with another team? Of course you have. But how close is close? Have you ever wondered what happens when you go one step further than cooperation and you actually mix two teams, stir or even shake? During that time we discovered a lot about team dynamics, sources of inner responsibility that is essential for any team to make commitments and what are the biggest obstacles on the way towards self-organisation. So, without further ado, let the story begin…