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Team tourism at Allegro — part 2 — case studies

Following up on our previous post about team tourism at Allegro, as promised we present you with three case studies describing experiences of our engineers during their visits in other teams. The teams visited worked on content automation, machine learning and search engine optimisation.

Allegro culture — Tech Leaders’ Meeting 2019

How many team leaders do you think there are at Allegro? Earlier this year, about a hundred of us had the chance to meet in person for two days. We tackled company-wide technical challenges, exchanged experiences and discussed the way we and our teams work. We encourage you to read our story since it offers a glimpse at the inner workings of our company and its culture.

This Fall digest

Some of our engineers run their own tech blogs. We encourage them to move here, but for various reasons, they prefer to publish on private blogs. We respect their decisions. What we can do is to gather all the blog posts published by engineers around the web in the one place.

opel — asynchronous expression language

In everyday work programmers are facing various problems. We would like to focus on two of them: big systems with non-blocking API and specific business needs that can be solved using Expression Language. Hold tight!

Managing Frontend in the Microservices Architecture

Microservices are now the mainstream approach for scalable systems architecture. There is little controversy when we are talking about designing backend services. Well-behaved backend microservice should cover one BoundedContext and communicate over the REST API. Things get complicated when we need to use microservices as building blocks for a frontend solution. How to build a consistent website or a mobile app using tens or sometimes hundreds of microservices?

Frontend made simple

Hello stranger. It’s your first day as a fronted developer. Here is your brand new desk, computer and stuff. Enjoy your work! Oh, I’ve almost forgotten! You’ll need to read this 500-page Design Manual to know what are we aiming for. Don’t worry, it’s really simple — there are a lot of examples there. It’s written in two languages, every line is commented and we will occasionally ask you about some random padding — just to be sure — that you have learnt everything well… — is there any company still working like this out there?

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