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10 Apr 2015

Spring Boot Starter Handlebars

Nowadays, Spring Boot gets more and more popular as it simplifies creating standalone, production-grade Spring based applications. It offers e.g. auto-configuration support for most of the available Java-based template engines such as Velocity, Thymeleaf, etc. Today, we would like to publish the new Spring Boot starter that supports auto-configuration of other popular template engine we have recently got used to — Handlebars. Hopefully you might find this little piece of code useful.

24 Dec 2014

Aspects in Spring

This post is an introduction to the mysterious and alien world of aspect-oriented programming, or aspects for short. At first sight it is difficult to understand why to use aspects and how a project can benefit from this technology. The simplest use case where we can use an aspect is logging. I believe that everyone saw, or even wrote on their own, a piece of code where the business logic was interweaving with infrastructure code: