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25 Nov 2015

Let your tests tell a story

In the team that develops Allegro Recommendation Platform we weren’t happy with our integration tests. Long setup and assertions blocks resulted in a low signal—to—noise ratio and poor readability. These tests were also full of ad hoc variables like 1, ABC, OK or NOK, which caused that it was hard to find a connection between input and output data. Moreover, any change in an API caused changes in many tests.

02 Mar 2015

Acceptance testing with JBehave and Gradle

Typically, applications we develop gain more and more features in each sprint. After a certain time it’s hard to say how a particular functionality should work. No one remembers all the corner cases without looking into the source code. So we write high level acceptance tests that describe expected behavior. Using some example scenarios that the end user could trigger, tests check that the outcome is correct. After the user story is implemented, the test joins a regression suite that will protect the application from bugs introduced in future stories.