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12 Jan 2022

Shrinking the size of a monorepo

The source code of Allegro iOS app for buyers used to be divided into separate modules hosted in multiple repositories (polyrepo). The source code was migrated to a monorepo a few years back along with the history of all repos that constituted the app. Updating source code of a module on one repository could affect another module hosted on a separate repository. Versioning modules and propagation of dependency update led to long release process of the entire application. Our main repository for the iOS application thus became our monorepo. After 9 years of development of the app the repo size has grown enormously and the git clone command became a nightmare taking too much time. We had a possibility to shrink the project size during the migration from an on-premise to an external git repo hosting provider.

16 Sep 2016

Are code reviews worth your time?

Code reviews play an important role in how we develop software at Allegro. All code we developers write is reviewed by our peers. If you apply for a job with us, we may ask you to review a sample piece of code during your interview. A code review done right carries a lot of value, but if done wrong it can become a waste of time. In this article I will describe what I think makes a good code review, how reviews have evolved over time at the teams I worked with and what you can do in order to make code reviews worthwhile.