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26 Sep 2022

Example of modularization in Allegro Pay Android application

Currently, in the Android world, the topic of modularization is very popular. Many bloggers describe their experiences with it and analyze what Google recommends. Our team started the modularization process before it was hot. I will describe our reasons, decisions, problems and give you some advice. We will see if modularization makes sense and what it brings to the table. I will also post some statistics showing what it looked like before and after the modularization process.

27 Aug 2015

Blur background under Android common UI elements

All over the Internet there are code snippets that show how to make a blur effect on Android. But if you want to introduce blur as a part of your app design and use it as an effect to hide content under dialogs, drawer etc. there is no ready solution for all UI components. That’s why I wrote the Fogger library.

24 Aug 2015

Introducing Slinger - deep linking library for Android

Consider you are an Android application developer. You created a mobile application for your website and you would like to enable your users to browse content of your website using a mobile app. It’s easy if a website uses RESTful guidelines for creating URLs. Problem comes when a website uses SEO friendly URLs. Handling such links is hard because regular expression mechanism in Android manifest is flawed.