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Automated tests with Geb, Spock and Groovy

One of the major goals of software development, apart from actually delivering the product, is to guarantee it is of proper quality and not prone to errors. Big modern systems tend to consist of dozens of smaller pieces, often accompanied by some legacy core or part of legacy system. Each of these, often very different pieces of software communicate with each other in some way, in synchronous or asynchronous way, through REST endpoints, SOAP services or a variety of messaging systems. This leads to new challenges. A failure or unexpected change in one place may lead to a misbehaviour in other parts of the system.

Mirosław Gołda

Mirosław is a software engineer with programming experience in Java, PHP, JavaScript and Node.js who joined Allegro Group in 2011. He likes playing around with various programming languages and technologies. Recently he’s experimenting with various automated testing tools and frameworks.