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Example of modularization in Allegro Pay Android application

Currently, in the Android world, the topic of modularization is very popular. Many bloggers describe their experiences with it and analyze what Google recommends. Our team started the modularization process before it was hot. I will describe our reasons, decisions, problems and give you some advice. We will see if modularization makes sense and what it brings to the table. I will also post some statistics showing what it looked like before and after the modularization process.

Android UI testing in Allegro Pay organization

Will automatic UI tests be able to replace manual testers as artificial intelligence will try to replace programmers? I’ll show you how we write automatic UI tests on Android in Allegro Pay.

Michał Kwiatek

I’m a Junior Mobile Software Engineer at Allegro Pay who works with Android. I like creating perfect screen layouts and the best user experience. I’m a big fan of Formula 1.