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Digging into the system

This post is an introduction to sysdig — an “open source, system-level exploration” tool that ease the task of performance troubleshooting in Linux operating system.

We were on re:inventure (AWS conference summary)

Two weeks ago we attended AWS re:invent conference in Las Vegas. Our company was represented by Wojciech Lesicki (Product Owner of our cloud infrastructure), Sebastian Pietrowski (Head of Architecture and Operations) and Mateusz Gajewski (Solutions Architect). This post summarises new product announcements made during the keynotes, our impressions on breakout sessions, bootcamps and conference itself.

Mateusz ‘Serafin’ Gajewski

Mateusz is a solutions architect responsible for financial and payments systems. His main areas of research interest are: scalable, distributed computing in cloud environments, reactive programming and failure resilience.