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How to facilitate EventStorming workshops

With this article, I would like to introduce you to EventStorming and explain to you how to get started. I am not discovering anything new, just gathering available knowledge in one place. What I will show you is a few tips on how to conduct and facilitate EventStorming workshops.

My first days at Allegro

So you’re new to Allegro, have just finished your tech onboarding and are stunned with information overflow? Or perhaps you are planning to join Allegro and don’t know what it looks like in here? I am about to try and describe how I felt just a few months ago and what startled or dismayed me. I hope this short article will answer all your concerns.

Krzysztof Przychodzki

Software engineer. At Allegro I work in a team responsible for the Allegro Smart! loyalty programme. I am interested in EventStorming and I actively promote this technique at Allegro. I have set up an EventStorming Guild where we share knowledge and support - for example as session facilitators.