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26 Nov 2014

Testing RESTful services and their clients

REST (Representational State Transfer) has become very popular over the course of the past few years. It has happened so not only because of growing popularity of lightweight Web frameworks (like Angular.js) but also due to the new Microservice Architecture hype (thank you Netlifx). Frameworks like Spring add new REST-related functionalities with each new release and more and more companies decide to give them a try… But how do you test them - REST services and their clients?

01 Oct 2014

Java Testing Toolbox

Introduction This article is addressed mainly to people who are not very experienced in the area of unit / integration testing although basic knowledge of JUnit is required. I am going to provide you with a quick recap of the most commonly used Java testing tools, starting with JUnit (together with three nice complementary libraries: JUnitParams, catch-exception) and Mockito. Then I will show you how to perform assertions in a much nicer and cleaner way using AssertJ so that you never have to use Hamcrest again.