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21 Jul 2021

Making API calls a seamless user experience

Almost every modern web application somehow interacts with a backend - be it loading data, doing background sync, submitting a form, or publishing the metrics. Making API requests is not an easy task - we have to consider multiple outcomes and handle them properly. Otherwise, we might end up with confused users and decreased conversion. Although the stakes are high, it is still very likely to encounter an application designed with only a happy path scenario in mind. The question is - how can we improve it?

29 Jan 2015

Content headers or how to version your API?

When you publish your service API it is crucial to make it easy to upgrade. If you forget about it, you might end up in dependency hell. Each attempt to change your API will force you to contact all your clients and tell them to upgrade their software. As a result, both you and your clients will be very unhappy. You can mitigate it by providing multiple versions of your resources. But there is no single way how to manage them. Different companies solve it in different ways. Below you find three most popular approaches.

19 Dec 2014

Designing RESTful API

In distributed environments it is crucial to have a common, standardized language which services can use to exchange information between each other. At Allegro, to meet this goal, we’ve chosen the REST architecture.