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A look at Swift functions

At the beginning of December we published our first post about Swift. Today we want to continue the Swift thread and introduce a few interesting facts about functions in Swift language.

Quick introduction to Swift

Introduction of Swift programming language during WWDC 2014 was big news in developers’ world. The community warmly welcomed the language created by Apple and many developers started learning and using it immediately. This article explains what Swift is and its basic concepts. If you are an iOS (or OS X) developer it means that you probably already know all the things described below, but if you haven’t started your iOS development adventure yet (but you want to), this article could be a good introduction for you.

Szymon Tur

Szymon is an iOS developer with several years of experience on this platform and web development background. Enthusiast of user friendly mobile applications and modern web solutions. At Allegro Szymon is a part of the team which is responsible for development of the iOS application for buyers.