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Page visibility and performance metrics

When we measure the page loading speed from the user’s perspective, we pay attention to the appearance of subsequent elements on the screen. Metrics such as First Contentful Paint, First Meaningful Paint and Visually Complete directly reflect what the user sees and when. But what if the page is invisible, when it loads in the background, for example in a different tab? Should we consider such views interesting for us? Don’t the collected metrics distort the results?

Spring Boot Starter Handlebars

Nowadays, Spring Boot gets more and more popular as it simplifies creating standalone, production-grade Spring based applications. It offers e.g. auto-configuration support for most of the available Java-based template engines such as Velocity, Thymeleaf, etc. Today, we would like to publish the new Spring Boot starter that supports auto-configuration of other popular template engine we have recently got used to — Handlebars. Hopefully you might find this little piece of code useful.

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