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Managing environment inspired by Spotify

Curiosity drives progress. There are already tens of presentations about Spotify on the Internet but we wanted to see how the work looks like there with our own eyes. Here are some thoughts after our visit to Spotify’s headquarters.

Inner energy — you are not a perpetual motion machine

According to what we were taught at school, you cannot build a perpetual motion machine as it is against the laws of thermodynamics. There is nothing in the world that can generate energy forever, without any energy source. Anyway, I am not going to teach you physics. Instead, I would like to write about the energy that drives us.

Michal Nowostawski

Change catalyst and agile enthusiast who takes care of development process in Allegro. As Scrum Master facilitates teams as well as collaborates with other agile coaches to make organisation better. Technical background helps him in better understanding of development mechanisms.