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Krzysztof Wędrowicz

3 years ago

The power of kata

Every day, many developers of enterprise systems have to face complex problems for which incorrect solutions often end with a loss of enormous amounts of money. That’s why they constantly learn new paradigms, frameworks, tools, read books and broaden their knowledge in technical conferences. It’s a lot of time and effort! All this dedication is on behalf of creating a high-quality product — but what is the result? Obviously it depends (as every software architect would say), but too many times the result isn’t the best. It takes a while, has got too many errors, often the code quality isn’t high… And let’s better not mention testing. Why is all this happening then? Everyone does their best, spends additional time on learning, so what exactly is missing? The answer is quite straightforward - constant practicing. Let’s say a few words about “code kata” which can make a remedy for the mentioned problems.

Krzysztof Wędrowicz

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