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Psychological needs at work

This is a post for those seeking to accomplish business goals and ensure stability of the solutions developed while maintaining focus on people. The model of three basic psychological needs that I’m presenting here may be useful for leaders, agile coaches, and scrum masters. I also encourage developers to do some self-reflection. This is the knowledge I’ve gained at the World Conference of Transactional Analysis in Berlin. Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory of interpersonal relationships developed by Eric Berne which has a practical application in various fields, including organizations.

Krystyna Abraham-Walasiak

Agile coach at Allegro, psychologist and experienced social skills trainer approved by Polish Psychologists` Association. She graduated from the School of Transactional Analysis and has participated in a 4-year programme of specialized training courses in the Organisational TA. While working in IT, she likes to look inside a team and analyse relationships between group members.