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Krystian Szczucki

9 years ago

How to UX without interface

Allegro is a leading Central European e-commerce platform, offering a vast diversity of new and pre-owned products. Search engine is the main entry point to product stock. Designing a bunch of UX metrics for a SaaS solution or a social networking site is a must. Typically no one would dare discuss whether it is worth our time to measure the effect of changes through an A/B test or a focus group and monitor the impact on metrics. When it came to search engine — a back office product with almost no interface — we had our doubts. We are the search team behind the Allegro search engine. This is the complete interface of our product:

Krystian Szczucki

Krystian has been an Analyst in Allegro Group for over 4 years. He is a follower of user-centered design and logical reasoning.