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Edyta Kopczyńska

9 years ago

How to UX without interface

Allegro is a leading Central European e-commerce platform, offering a vast diversity of new and pre-owned products. Search engine is the main entry point to product stock. Designing a bunch of UX metrics for a SaaS solution or a social networking site is a must. Typically no one would dare discuss whether it is worth our time to measure the effect of changes through an A/B test or a focus group and monitor the impact on metrics. When it came to search engine — a back office product with almost no interface — we had our doubts. We are the search team behind the Allegro search engine. This is the complete interface of our product:

Edyta Kopczyńska

Edyta is the Product Owner for Allegro search engine. She has been in product development for 10 years. She enjoys using agile methods, UX design and metrics to create products that customers love.