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Team tourism at Allegro — part 3 — more case studies

In this last instalment of our series about team tourism at Allegro, our two engineers describe their eventful visits in two rather technical teams, one dealing with our message broker - Hermes, the other with web performance.

Team tourism at Allegro — part 2 — case studies

Following up on our previous post about team tourism at Allegro, as promised we present you with three case studies describing experiences of our engineers during their visits in other teams. The teams visited worked on content automation, machine learning and search engine optimisation.

Team tourism at Allegro

We often hear about the importance of exchanging knowledge and practices between different teams. However, less often do we hear concrete suggestions for how to do it. In this article, we discuss one of our practices to address the problem.

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Bartek is a Software Engineer focused on backend technologies, but also interested in dealing with big data. Likes to observe how teams work. At Allegro, he works on Allegro Smart! and Delivery Experience.