The attack on Ukraine has shocked the entire world, but in Poland it is making especially big waves. Not just due to geographical proximity - Ukrainians are one of the largest minorities in Poland and simply put it is affecting people we know personally.

While the fighting continues, here’s what Allegro is doing, and what you can do, too, to help humanitarian efforts.

  • If you know any Ukrainians, your coworkers in particular, talk to them and show your support. Even minor gestures are important. Ask directly what kind of help they might need rather than trying to guess.
  • Do not marginalize Russians and Belarussians. People are not the same as their governments, and often do not support their states’ actions.
  • Work with your HR people and consider what kind of help you can offer as a company. Some examples would be extra days off, legal and financial support for bringing families to safety, or offering psychological support.
  • Ask if the company can donate directly, make donations by others easier [PL], provide means of communication, etc., depending on the industry.
  • On a personal level, consider supporting one of the trustworthy humanitarian organizations. You can support them with cash, volunteer work, or donate necessary items which are being collected in most cities. Be extremely cautious of fake fundraising campaigns that are popping up on every fundraising platform. Carefully check the fundraiser.
  • If you work in tech, you are likely an authority on IT matters for your family and friends. Make them aware of the issue of disinformation, and encourage them to use only reliable information sources. Due to the threat of cyberattacks, encourage them to upgrade their systems and make backups.
  • You might also be able to apply your tech skills directly.
  • Regardless of how the situation develops, its consequences will last for years. Do not stop with one-off actions, and keep on providing help as necessary.