about allegro Tech

Allegro is the #1 online shopping destination in Poland and the #6 eTail business in Europe. Started in 1999, today it is one of the most recognised brands in Poland.

Allegro marketplace currently stands for over 150 million offers listed each month, 140,000 merchants’ accounts (ranging from the world's biggest brands to small and medium enterprises), and over 21 million registered accounts.

Making a site like this work requires a lot of engineering and as the site grows, we learn and adopt new technologies. What started out as a huge monolithic application, over the years migrated towards an ecosystem of loosely coupled microservices written in Java and other JVM languages running in the cloud. Creating a scalable and distributed system at this scale brings about many challenges which make our work interesting.

Not only scale provides us with interesting challenges. Software craftsmanship, big data, machine learning and frontend technologies are all tools of the trade which we need to master in order to make the system useful to buyers and sellers. In the fast-moving world of technology, we try to stay on the cutting edge in order to fully take advantage of what technology has to offer.

On allegro.tech we share some of the interesting things we do, the issues we face and the lessons we learn (sometimes the hard way). Software development is not only about technology but also about people, so we have a Tech section and an Agile section as well. We hope you find these posts useful. Feel free to get in touch and comment.