About us

This is Allegro’s public-facing tech blog. We use it to share our knowledge with the community and to tell others what our work at Allegro is like. It is also a tool for promoting Allegro to potential candidates (PromoIT). However, we try to be objective, and we explicitly avoid any kind of excessive propaganda. We write for smart people who are good at telling genuinely interesting and useful information from corporate.


  • Creating a technical blog valuable for the community. We focus on development and devops.
  • Letting the community know about events we organize or take part in.
  • Maintaining the image of Allegro as a technical leader and a place where great engineers work.
  • Highlighting our achievements but also describing our failures, for example by publishing outage postmortems.

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We'd also like to thank all the people, too numerous to list here, who reviewed articles without being formal members of the editorial board. Just like code reviews, article reviews are open to everyone at the company and often people just drop in when they feel competent to discuss a topic. You can't overestimate the value of such spontaneous help.